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Top Ten Bindery Success Blog Posts for 2013

[fa icon="calendar"] Fri, Jan 03, 2014 / by Andre Palko

most popular thumbs up150In the spirit of the new year, here’s a list of the most popular bindery blog articles from the past year. If you’re looking for a particular bindery or post-press subject, don’t forget to use the search box at the very top of every page. We currently have 175 articles on the subject of bindery and printing to choose from!

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  1. Are You Making These 3 Mistakes with Your Guillotine Cutter? Guillotine cutter problems are often blamed on the cutting machine itself. But frequently the problem can be traced to this misunderstood maintenance item.
  2. Trimming Thick Books on the Saddle Stitcher - a Quick Tip Getting a nicked edge on the spine of your saddle stitched book? Here’s a tip that can get you through the job.
  3. Guillotine Cutter Operator's Tip for Cutting Skewed Paper Here’s a tip for cutter operators faced with an impossible cutting job…cutting ‘skewed’ paper.
  4. How to Fix a Crooked Score on your Folding Machine or Scoring Machine Crooked scores and perfs can stump even the most experienced folding machine operators. Here are some troubleshooting guidelines to minimize your frustration.
  5. Thoughts on Finding Skilled Bindery and Print Shop Staff Recruiting skilled bindery and printing staff is a challenge. Don’t overlook this readily available resource.
  6. Am I Scoring the Wrong Side of the Paper? For something with just two sides, it’s amazing the hundreds of questions that can arise. Here’s one common scoring question which we try to answer.
  7. Forgotten Fold Plate Adjustments on the Buckle Folding Machine It’s easy to forget a folding machine adjustment if we don’t use it all the time. Here are two buckle folder adjustments that can help when folding very thin or very thick papers.
  8. Folding Machine Operators - 5 Tips for Beginners For the new folding machine operator, life in the bindery can become overwhelming…fast. Here are five simple tips that will take some of the mystery out of your new job.
  9. Guillotine Cutter Productivity Tips - Using the Jogger Board Cutting and jogging small labels or cards can be challenging. Here’s a simple way to use jogger boards to make it a breeze.
  10. Faster Guillotine Cutting with Simple 2-Step Technique Have a high-volume cutting job to do? This simple two-step technique can double the output on your guillotine cutter.

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Andre Palko

Written by Andre Palko

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