How to Get the Most From Your
Folding Machine Operators

get more from your folder

The idea behind this 24pp eBook is this--you can indeed get more from your folding machine at any level of experience whether you are the owner, supervisor or operator.

Here are 6 simple steps which when understood and put in to practice, are guaranteed to boost folding machine productivity significantly. These ideas are culled from decades of hands-on experience by the staff of Technifold, from our customers and from loyal Bindery Success™ readers.

They’re easy to implement and cost nothing but a few minutes of your time, yet can have a significant impact on operations. If you find that you’ve already implemented these ideas or you find yourself disagreeing with them altogether, I believe the book will at least inspire you to search out your own new level of bindery productivity.

The topics covered include:

  • The 80-20 Guide to Troubleshooting
  • Less is More: Why Higher Bindery Equipment Speed Does NOT Always Equal More Productivity
  • Garbage-In-Garbage-Out: Banish Feeding Issues on the Folding Machine
  • The Fold Rollers: Is Your Thinking Outdated?
  • Slitter Shafts: What Are They and Why Should I Care?
  • Putting it All Together: Solid Tips from the When-Were-You Going-to-Tell-Me-That Department

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