Saddle Stitching Scoring with the Spine-Creaser
Simply the BEST option on the Market Today!

Spine Creaser

It's like substituting your cover feeder for a
Heidelberg cylinder letterpress...

Spine Creaser in Muller Mattini...the Spine-Creaser is that special!

Installation is simple...

Using a set of allen keys, your operator only needs to remove the existing score wheel from the cover feeder, apply the creasing matrix to the drum and attach the new double-wheel Spine Creaser with a single bolt.  You are ready to begin producing a perfect crease on your saddle stitcher within 30 minutes of installation!

Spine-Creaser Operation

Why should you try the Spine-Creaser?

  • Totally eliminates fiber cracking 100% on cover stocks
  • Totally eliminates ALL off line scoring for your saddle-stitched books
  • Totally eliminates ALL outsourcing of creasing operation

    ....keep it all in your control!

  • Saves your die cutters or printing presses fro more complex, profitable work
  • Faster delivery to your customers!


Which Saddle Stitchers can use the Spine Creaser?

Fits the following types of saddle stitching machine cover feeders:
Heidelberg machines (including ST90, ST100, ST300, ST350, ST400, ST450 and Prosetter) Muller Martini, McCain, Harris, Macey, Sheridan, Osako, Horizon and Hohner.

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