Tech-ni-fold is a Worldwide Leader!

In 2002, Andre Palko was a 23 year print finishing veteran just starting his own business selling equipment and tools to printing and packaging companies. “In researching products, I happened upon Graham Harris, who in conversation convinced me to try out his new invention for letterpress quality creasing done on folding machines.  Based on my bindery experience—especially with folding machines—I was skeptical, but I also knew that if his claims were true, the opportunity was huge.

Graham, also a print finishing veteran, had been determined to come up with a folding machine solution for the problem of paper fiber cracking, and to do it in an in-line, high-speed fashion. In 1999 he borrowed some money, started developing prototypes and it wasn’t long before his Eureka moment came. With early versions of the Tri-Creaser® in hand, he would clock out from his day job in the early afternoon and knock on as many doors as possible. The simple demonstrations were highly effective and soon Graham was making more selling the Tri-Creaser® than at his day job.

The minute Graham committed to the Tri-Creaser® full time, sales tripled and in short time Graham was searching for dealers around the globe.

Andre’s experience mirrored Graham’s experience on US soil. “Soon after speaking with Graham, I received a demo unit, saw the Tri-Creaser® performing and placed a small order with Graham. Within days I was going door-to-door with the Tri-Creaser®. At night, my wife Gina and I started licking stamps, hand addressing letters and mailing them to everyone within driving distance. It wasn’t long before we were shipping direct to customers throughout North America.  Instantly I knew I had to turn my full attention to spreading the word about the Tri-Creaser®, it was that good. I’ve never looked back.”

In 2003 Technifold USA was formed when Andre decided to devote all his time and resources to the Tech-ni-fold Ltd. line of products. All the while, Graham and his right hand technical man, Paul Barrett, were developing new creasing, micro perforating and rotary cutting devices for folding machines, scoring machines, saddle stitchers and web presses. In the USA, new Tri-Creaser® customers were requesting products for their other folding machines, and the product line expanded to include all popular folding and scoring machines made in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Growth continued at a rapid pace and in 2008 according to Inc. Magazine, Technifold USA joined the ranks of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in America. The product line today is available to fit more than 250 makes and models of bindery equipment. Although they are not licking stamps at the kitchen table these evenings, Andre and Gina still operate the independently owned corporation as President and Vice President.