Micro-Perforating Tools from Technifold USA

Imagine if your folding or scoring machine could produce micro-perfed sheets at 10 times the speed of a letterpress...

Now imagine the same sheets could then run through
ANY laser printer, copier or digital press!

Folding machine perfs are known for being ragged, puffy and unsightly. Most won't run through a laser printer or copier without jamming up or falling apart. Folding machine micro-perf blades are known for breaking teeth.

Until now, if you wanted a micro perf on your job, you would have to run it through a separate operation on your press or die cutter using special steel rule dies or press perf...OR run it on a specially equipped stand-alone perforator...OR just sent it out.

Today, with our unique Micro Perforator Tools, you can produce a flat, nearly invisible micro-perf at up to 72 teeth per inch, in-line on your MBO, Stahl, Horizon, Baumfolder or MB folding machine, as well as on Rosback and Rollem scoring machines.

Reams of 24 Bond Paper Micro-Perfed

One of these reams of 24# bond is micro-perfed...
How do your folding machine perfs compare?

What's the difference about our system?

Conventional folding machine perf systems are well known for distorting the sheet in three directions: downward, as the perf blade enters the sheet, upward as it exits (Figure 1, below left) and horizontally, as it pushes the paper away from the counter knife (Figure 1, below right). Take a look at what the perfed sheets look like coming off your folding machine. You'll probably agree, not only are they unsightly, but the lighter stocks simply do not run well through laser printers or color copiers, breaking apart or jamming up as the jagged edges catch inside.

Figure 1 - Conventional Perf

Unlike these conventional perf systems, our Micro-Perforator is designed to cut through only to the bottom of the sheet and not beyond - much like a precise kiss-cut. The knife area actually touching the sheet is extremely small compared to a regular perf blade.

And since we're not cutting against a counter knife, we can use a much stronger double-bevel blade with extremely fine tooth patterns.

This means you get a cleaner, finer cut equal to-and often better-than what you'd get on a die cutter. So the sheet lays flat and passes easily through any laser printer, copier or press.

10 Reasons Why our Micro-Perforator Puts You AHEAD of the Competition...

  • Eliminates outsourcing of perf jobs
  • Eliminates separate micro-perf operations
  • Produces sheets that run through laser printers & copiers
  • Now you can sell jobs you used to turn away
  • Saves thousands of dollars on smashed press blankets
  • No installation required...simply slide onto machine shafts
  • No special operator skills required
  • Instantly frees up your printing press or die cutter for profitable work
  • Puts an end to broken perf blades
  • Compete against stronger, better equipped, more experienced competitors

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Our Micro-Perforator Fits These Popular Folding and Scoring Machines

  • Stahl 20, 25, 35 and 50mm shafts
  • MBO 30mm, 35mm and 40mm shafts
  • Baum 7/8" or 1 1/8" shafts
  • Horizon 20mm and 30mm shafts
  • GUK (G&K) or Vijuk - 20mm, 25mm and 35mm shafts
  • MB/Cas (also called GBR) 20mm shafts
  • H&H 30mm and 35mm shafts
  • Rollem and Rosback scoring machines
  • Stahl mailing machines
  • Technifold Speedcreaser Creasing & Micro Perforating Machines

"Hey, you forgot to perf these sheets..."

We hear that dozens of times at every trade show we do. Clutching a sample micro-perfed sheet from our display and approaching our stand, they think they've got us in a big mistake..."hey chief, I hate to tell you this but you forgot to perf these sheets!"

Seconds later, as we tear along the nearly invisible micro perf, their amazement outweighs their embarrassment and they're ready to talk...

Are YOU ready to see our Micro-Perforator in ACTION?

What machines are our Micro-Perforating products compatible with?

Fits the following types of folding and scoring machines:

  • Heidelberg
  • Stahl
  • MBO
  • Horizon
  • Herzog & Heymann (H&H),
  • GUK (G&K or Vijuk,)
  • MB-Cas
  • Shoei
  • GBR
  • Rollem
  • Rosback
  • Baumfolder
  • Technifold Speedcreaser

** available to fit Muller cover feeders for those applications where you need to micro perforate the spine. Installs right on the cover feeder with no machine modification needed.

image-micro-perf-cut-multi-tool-200x200px-72dpi-round image-micro-perf-cut-crease-combo-200x200px-72dpi-round image-cp-applicator-200x200px-72dpi-round
Do you need to produce letterpress style micro-perforating and guillotine quality cutting applications from one ingenious, easy to use device? Have you considered the ultimate time and money saving folding machine accessory that has everything built in so you avoid outsourcing forever? Have you seen the close proximity creasing and micro-perforating device that can produce two fine and almost invisible micro-perforations as close as 5mm apart?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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