Micro Perforators Machine Compatibility

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Micro Perforators by Technifold USA

Until now, if you wanted a micro perf on your job, you’d run it through a separate operation on your press or die cutter using special steel rule dies or press perf, or run it on a specially equipped stand-alone perforator.

Now you can produce a flat, nearly invisible micro-perf at up to 72 teeth per inch, or do fantastic looking regular perfs down to 10tpi, in-line on your MBO, Stahl, Horizon, Baumfolder or MB folding machine, as well as on Rosback and Rollem scoring machines!

The Micro Perforator is compatible with the following machines:

  •   MB 20mm
  •   Baum 7/8 or 1 1/8” shaft
  •   GUK 25 or 35mm shaft
  •   H&H 30mm
  •   Horizon 20mm
  •   MBO 30mm, 35mm or 40mm
  •   Rollem machines (one size fits all)
  •   Rosback scoring/perfing machines
      (one size fits all)
  •   Stahl 20mm, (TA series) 25mm or
      35mm shafts and now available for Stahl 50mm shafts!
  •   Special version also available for
      SSP machines
  •   Stahl Mailing machines
  •   Technifold Speedcreaser® 36mm shafts
  •   * NEW * Micro Perforator to fit
      Muller saddle stitcher cover feeders

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