Return on Investment
with the Spine and Hinge Creaser

Cover Score by TechnifoldThe Spine and Hinge Creasers typically pay for themselves in just a few jobs, and often in as little as a single job.

Depending on the make and model of your perfect binding line's cover feeder, investment starts at $2400 for the fixed hinge versions for 2-shaft Muller-Martini perfect binding machines.

You quickly profit in several ways

  • Eliminate a separate scoring operation on press, die cutter, letterpress or scoring machine
  • Eliminate the cost of outsourcing book covers for scoring plus save on freight and time
  • Run any grain direction. Significant savings of up to thousands of dollars in paper costs with smaller sheets and maximized layouts.
  • Faster turnaround times broadens range of jobs you can bid on.
  • Increased profit margins means more net at the end of the year, or more flexibility in bidding (= more jobs!)

For more details and current pricing for your equipment, fill in the form at right and let us know what type of equipment you're running. We'll email pricing and details. Or contact our Sales Office at 973-383-7920, M-F 10-4 eastern.

Some Typical Installations and Specs

Technifold Creasing on Muller

Muller Martini Perfect Binders with
4-shaft Cover Feeders

Shown at left, this powerful device slides on to Muller 4-shaft cover feeders with 30mm shafts. Fits Normbinder, Starbinder, Acoro, Bolero and Corona models.

This one has all the bells and whistles and requires no machine modification or mechanic for installation.

  • Infinitely variable female channel width means you can precisely dial in the channel width to suit the stock you're running with no limitations.
  • 3 profiles of Fast-Fit style rubber creasing ribs to select from according to the stock being run, especially where cracking is an issue.
  • 3 profiles of NEW Fast-Fit Nylon creasing ribs available for laminated stock. Or use for jobs where cracking is not an issue and get extra-long life before replacing.
  • Crease from either side of the sheet. Simply move rib from top unit to bottom unit without having to change tooling or remove shafts. Each unit performs as either male or female unit!
  • No minimum or maximum on spine width or hinge width. Adjust as needed.

Click Here for a video demonstration of how these unique components for Muller perfect binders work to deliver all the above.

Spine Creaser Videos

Kolbus 470 Technifold score

Kolbus 470 and 473
Perfect BindersKolbus Technifold score

The version at left fits Kolbus 470 perfect binders with 26mm  shafts and a 60mm OD. The version at right fits Kolbus 473 machines with 30mm shafts and 94mm OD.

  • Spine-to-Hinge width is fixed at 6mm (1/4") on these.
  • No limitation on spine width, minimum or maximum.
  • 1 profile of Fast Fit style, split creasing rib handles a wide range of cover stocks
  • Nylon rib handles extra heavy stocks or laminated jobs


UB Binder Technifold ScoreHarris UB Binders

Available to versions of these popular binding lines, the older version shown at left with 1 1/2" shafts (4" OD on the larger component) and a newer version to fit 30mm shafts (76mm OD.)

Newer version for UB Binders currently outfitted with 2 versions of Fast Fit style nylon creasing ribs. Older version has 1 profile of Fast Fit style rubber and 1 profile of Fast Fit style nylon in the kit.

  • Spine-to-Hinge width is fixed at 1/4" (6mm)

Wohlenberg Technifold ScoreWohlenberg Perfect Binders

Available to fit City, Champion and Golf binders with 30mm 4-shaft cover feeders.

  • Spine-to-Hinge Width fixed at 1/4" (6mm)
  • 1 profile of Fast Fit style rubber creasing rib
  • 1 profile of Fast Fit style Nylon creasing rib
  • Includes sheet gripper rollers for precise control

Muller Pantera Technifold scoreNEW...for Muller Martini
Pantera Binder

  • Fits Pantera binders with 30mm shafts and 85mm OD.
  • Spine-to-Hinge width is fixed at 1/4" (6mm)
  • 2 different profiles on Fast Fit style long-life Nylon creasing ribs
  • Includes sheet gripper rollers for precise control of sheet and crease


Muller Cover Feeder TechnifoldNEW!Muller Panda Technifold score
Perfect Binders

We now have 2 versions of the Spine and Hinge Creaser availabe to fit various Muller Panda binders with cover feeders.

  • Version #1 (upper left) fits 30mm shafts with a 50mm OD (same size on both top and bottom shafts.)
  • Version #2 (upper right) has one side with 30mm shafts (80mm OD) while the opposite side bolts on with a 5mm bolt (25mm OD.)
  • Both versions have a fixed Spine-to-Hinge width of 1/4" (6mm)
  • Both versions make use of Fast Fit style split ribs.

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