Watch This Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool Video Demonstration


What makes the Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool
such a remarkable tool to use?

  • Produces flat and almost invisible micro-perforations to cater to a full range of material, so good that the perfed sheets can easily run through laser printers
  • Produces razor sharp slitting, double cutting and edge trimming that out-performs other rotary methods many time over
  • Combines close proximity micro-perforating and cutting
  • Eliminates outsourcing of micro-perforating
  • Allows you to handle jobs you used to turn away
  • Saves thousands in smashed up blankets
  • Puts and end to broken perf blades
  • Simple installation AND Requires NO special operator skills

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Which of your machines is our Micro-Perf &
Cut Multi-Tool Compatible with?

Fits the following types of folding and scoring machines:
Heidelberg, Stahl, MBO, Horizon, Herzog & Heymann (H&H), GUK (G&K or Vijuk,) MB-Cas, Shoei, GBR, Rollem, Rosback, Baumfolder, Dick Moll, Econocrease, GaVehren Systems, Universal folder/gluers

Note: we have the original, hard-working O-ring style Tri-Creasers available to fit Graphic Whizard, Count, Pierce, Morgana, Eurofold