Watch this Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit Video Demonstration


Here are a few benefits of the Fast-Fit Version...

  • Completely eliminates fiber cracking 100% on stock from 90# text and up
  • Produces a crease that is as good as, or better than a letterpress
  • Produces multiple crease settings for any imaginable print/stock combination, and
    works like magic on difficult toner based digital output 
  • Works just as well when it creases and folds against the grain as it does with it
  • Works as fast as your folding machine can run with no limitations on speed
  • Split creasing ribs means it takes only seconds to set up and change from one crease setting to another
  • No more removing shafts to change creaser settings
  • Pays for itself within 1-4 job runs
  • Saves expensive outsourcing costs
  • Saves HOURS and HOURS of time
  • Gets the work to your customer faster!

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What is our Fast-Fit Version Compatible with?

Fits the following types of folding and scoring machines:
Heidelberg Stahl, MBO, Horizon, Baumfolder, Rollem, Rosback, Econocrease