Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit Machine Compatibility

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Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit by Technifold USA
So what makes setting of the
Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit so quick?

The key is the way in which a split rubber creasing rib can be quickly inserted and secured in the male component. One of the major advantages is that shaft removal is no longer required when changing the ribs.

The Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit is compatible with the following machines:

  •   Baumfolder 7/8” or 1 1/8”
  •   GUK (G&K) 35mm (59.4 OD) shafts
  •   Herzog & Heymann (H&H) 30 & 35mm shafts
  •   Horizon 20mm shafts
  •   MB 20mm shafts
  •   MBO 30mm, 35mm and 40mm shafts
  •   Rollem scoring machines (one size fits all)
  •   Rosback scoring machines (one size fits all)
  •   Shoei 35mm shafts (w/55 or 65mm OD)
  •   Stahl 20 (TA Series,) 25mm or 35mm shafts
  •   Technifold Speedcreaser 36mm shafts
  •   * NEW * Econocrease or Rotocrease 1 ¼”
  •   * NEW * Morgana UFO folder or Numbering Machines 15mm shaft
  •   * NEW * Shoei folders 15mm shaft
  •   * NEW * Herzog & Heymann (H&H) 20mm shafts

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