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Tips for Lead Edge Nicking on the Folding Machine

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Feb 12, 2016 / by Andre Palko posted in Video Tips, Paper problems, Creasing Videos, Folding Machine Videos

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In the latest Bindery Success Blog video here we review a frustrating folding machine problem—nicking or tearing at the lead edge of the sheet. This primarily happens when you’re creasing or scoring a single sheet, but it can also happen when you’re perforating. The good news is if the crease looks good except for that nick you’re very close to where you need to be.

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Where Should Guide and Gripper Edges Lay in My Folding Machine?

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Aug 14, 2015 / by Andre Palko posted in Bindery How-To Tips, Folding Machines, Paper problems

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When I first saw this question I wondered why a folding machine operator would even ask it. It goes something like, “When I load my folder, where should the guide and gripper edges go?” Or, “Does it matter which way I load paper into a folding machine?” I reminded myself there is a first time for any question, especially learning a complicated subject like bindery work.

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5 Tips for Solving ‘Simple’ Post-Press Paper Problems

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Jul 17, 2015 / by Andre Palko posted in Bindery How-To Tips, Paper problems

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In last week’s Bindery Success Blog article we talked about how the hidden complexity of paper affects printing and print finishing operations. Sometimes this mysterious fusion of paper, ink, toner, varnishes, coatings, and environment is enough to agitate the best, most experienced bindery equipment operator. Although there isn’t a magic pill to eliminate all post-press paper problems, here are five simple tips that will make your print finishing life easier.

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Why Are Simple Paper Folding Problems Difficult to Solve?

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Jul 10, 2015 / by Andre Palko posted in Printing Business, Employee Education, Bindery Equipment Troubleshooting, Paper problems

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It’s no surprise when newcomers to print finishing are thwarted by its hidden complexity. The simplest of folding jobs can generate all sorts of problems and questions. Heck, after 35 years working around bindery equipment I too am often surprised. When I encounter “simple” paper folding problems with no solution it reminds me what it was like to be an apprentice.

So why does it get so complicated and what can we do to simplify things? After all, most printers work with paper that varies just several thousandths of an inch in thickness.

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