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Cold Weather Tips for the Bindery and Press Room

[fa icon="calendar"] Fri, Feb 01, 2019 / by Technifold USA

With this extreme cold weather blanketing much of the country we figured it would be a good time to review some of our past articles pertaining to cold weather questions, with static being a perennial favorite topic. Some might be surprised at the impact the cold can have on their bindery operations. Here are links to a few articles (including resources) that could help you in the coming frigid months, especially as temps start to dip. For those of you in Hawaii, the Caribbean and other warm climes, go amused!

Static in the Print Shop & Bindery - Is There a Cure?
cold in the binderyThere may not be any flip-the-switch cure, but there are preventive measures that can keep you from pulling your hair out.

Tip for Beating Static on Your Folding Machine
A few homegrown but effective tips.

Dealing with Dry, Cracked Fingers in the Bindery and Press Room
Tired of having your fingers wrapped in Band Aids from January through April?

Cold Weather Tip for Folding Machines and Technifold Tri-Creasers
Ever leave your folding machine on a Friday in good running order only to find nothing but headaches right after the weekend? If it's really chilly on Monday mornings, or any morning, here's a shortcut that could save you some troubleshooting time on your folding machine.

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