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How and Why to Change Gripper Bands on Technifold Bindery Tools

[fa icon="calendar"] Fri, Dec 11, 2015 / by Andre Palko

The gripper band we are talking about is incorporated into nearly all Technifold and CreaseStream Mini tools. It’s one of those design elements that may rarely be needed. Yet when the need arises you’ll want to understand how to change or replace it.

change-gripper-bands-Technifold-creasing-cutting-perforating-tools-350Below are a few scenarios for when you might need to change the gripper band. At the bottom you watch a video that shows how to do it. We also demonstrate a little tip to make it easier to install.

Scenario 1
Generally if you’re running a Tri-Creaser or other perforating or cutting tool on your folding or scoring machine, you’re probably using the OEM gripper rollers to control the sheet. That’s as it’s supposed to be.

Or if you’re running two or more tools, you can often rely on the tools themselves to drive and control the sheet. You may not even need gripper rollers (pull out wheels). In these cases you won’t have to do anything with the gripper bands on any of the devices or on the gripper rollers.

Scenario 2
In other cases the gripper band becomes very important. If you’re running one creasing or one perforating tool on the CreaseStream Mini, you’ll need good control of the sheet with gripper rollers. When you run heavier papers of about 12 pt. or more, the gap between upper and lower tools increases when you set the shaft calipers for that stock. Too much gap and you lose grip on the gripper rollers. At that point you need to install the blue gripper band. This has a larger outside diameter to compensate for the increased gap. We discuss this idea in a related article here.

Scenario 3
The blue gripper band is also used frequently on the Multi Tool, especially for edge trimming purposes. The larger diameter provides better grip on the waste. The directions included with your kit explain this in more detail.

Scenario 4
Sometimes you have to remove the black gripper band entirely and run it without any gripper band. Here’s a common example. You’re using a Technifold Micro Perforator with a 52 or 72tpi perforating blade. The maximum weight paper is around 24# bond, or about 5 pt. or so for these blades. But maybe the paper on a particular job is a little thicker. The perf will work but it’s not quite cutting all the way through. In this case, remove the black gripper band from the tool and run without. It allows the perf blade to cut that extra little bit.

Scenario 5
The gripper band is cracked or broken. Of course in this case it simply needs to be replaced.

Generally the blue gripper band is only used on the CreaseStream Mini, the Speedcreaser, or the Technifold Multi Tool. The blue gripper band is included with these machines or products. All other tools will run fine with the black gripper, and you only need to change them when they wear out.

Be sure to check out the video below, especially if you haven’t changed the gripper bands before. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions below.

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Andre Palko

Written by Andre Palko

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