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Marketing Your Printing Business to Grumpy Old Men

[fa icon="calendar"] Tue, Aug 03, 2010 / by Andre Palko

One of my colleagues in the world of marketing, Bob Bly, has a file of marketing resources that I must have sub-consciously kept to myself over the years. (Note: if you own or manage a printing, bindery or other business, you ARE in the world of marketing, like it or not.)

Market to Grumpy Old ManI was reminded that one of our purposes here is to share with our readers in the printing industry the hidden gems we unearth. With a little arm-twisting, Bob agreed to give away an ebook to all of our subscribers here at Bindery Success. It’s called Marketing to Grumpy Old Men (aka GOM) and since I am one, I'm especially fond of this title...hence the gentle encouragement to Bob to let me give this one away.

So whether you too are one, or you sell your services to them, or you want to help your customers relate to them, Click here and scroll down to the Marketing to Grumpy Old Men link to download your copy—on the house, courtesy of Bob and me—absolutely no strings attached.

I admit I originally bought it because the title made me laugh, because Bob is a known GOM, and because I have at least 47 of his other books. All of them have proven immensely valuable over the years, giving me tools to help drive our company to the Inc. 5000. So if you have some GOM as customers, or you want us as customers, be sure to get your complimentary copy.

A side note: there are nearly 200 other resources available on the page, most in the $29-49 range, so be sure to look around and bookmark the page. Remember this important strategynot only can you use the GOM book and others to boost your own skills, you can be a hero by sharpening your customer's marketing skills.

Show them you're the expert and advise them for instance, how to produce more effective brochures, catalogs, and other marketing material, how to write better copy, how to self-publish books, and more—all leading to more jobs for you to print! 

So be kind to a Grumpy Old Man today, and get your copy here. And since we are indeed authentic GOM, download it today before one of us changes our minds for no apparent reason.

Andre Palko

Written by Andre Palko

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