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Co-workers or Printing Production Problems Have You Frustrated?

[fa icon="calendar"] Wed, Apr 28, 2010 / by Andre Palko

Do you find your temperature rising when faced with a difficult co-worker, when stuck in traffic, in a line at the checkout counter, or waiting in the doctor's office? The printing business in general, and the bindery in particular with it's "the-truck-is-waiting-to-pick-up-this-folding-job" atmosphere, are breeding grounds for frustration and impatience. With hundreds of things that can go wrong with even the simplest of jobs, the pressure is on everyone!

Frustration in Printing BusinessUnless you have made a point of learning to be patient, you could become stressed, anxious, frustrated or angry. But your frenzy is useless.  No one is born patient...babies want what they want and it better be right now. Patience is a quality that has to be developed because there is a lot of waiting in our lives.   

The Benefits of Being Patient

Being patient reduces stress levels and can make you a healthier person who handles difficult situations with ease and poise. You will be better at decision-making. Patience allows you to assess situations, see the big picture and weigh the pros and cons. It makes you more understanding of the obstacles you have to overcome and more understanding of others. It's the basis for better relationships with spouses, pals and bosses. 

4 Ways to Develop Patience

Make an effort for one day to take your time and think about everything you do. At the end of the day, think about how you made smarter decisions, got along better with others and got a better picture of what was going on.

Slow down when the situation calls for it. If you tend to be in a rush and want everything done immediately, stop. Take a few deep breaths before you act or make a move. Getting impatient won't make things move any faster and could have the opposite effect.

Practice restraint before speaking. Pause and go over what you need to say. Try to avoid hurting or offending others.

Look for lessons and blessings in problems. You nearly always find one. I know first-hand that it's easier in hindsight to see them, but if you practice looking for the value of a problem while you're in the thick of it, it will develop your patience.

Andre Palko

Written by Andre Palko

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