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A Shortcut to Training Your Printing Company Employees

[fa icon="calendar"] Fri, Mar 19, 2010 / by Andre Palko

  Millions of dollars of training resources are available to printing companies and binderies courtesy of Uncle Sam and your state government. There are 2 ways to access this money:
direct grants to your small business
training programs run by community colleges and schools who received these grants.

  Training and continuing education can be frustrating and expensive if you conduct it yourself. Especially for basic office, math or communication skills. There is however, a shortcut to some of the best training available... call your local community college.

  New Jersey, for instance, gets about $30 million in grants each year to upgrade workers' skills. Their Basic Skills Training project offers these no-cost classes for your employees:
* Computer applications (Windows, Outlook, Excel, Word)
* Math & Measurement
* Communications
* English as a second language

  There is absolutely no tuition charge. The only "catch" is that the employee must be paid at their usual hourly rate while in the training. An 8 hour course means you'll have to pay them for 8 hours. (more info here Community colleges in every state are huge recipients of these grants so it pays to call to see what's available in your town.

  If you prefer to access grants directly, start at the federal level,  Here you'll find details on getting grants, registered apprenticeship programs (up to $5000 per employee available), tax credits and incentives. You have to dig around the site, but the resources are there. State and local economic development agencies are another resource for similar grants, tax credits and incentives.

  The bottom line: the resources are out there and all it takes to get started is a couple of phone calls. Everyone benefits. You get a better educated, more motivated workforce. The employee is better and happier at their job. So be sure to invest in ongoing education and training for maximum productivity in your printing company or print finishing business.
Andre Palko

Written by Andre Palko

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