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How Can I Do a Gatefold without Gatefold Equipment?

[fa icon="calendar"] Wed, Jan 13, 2010 / by Technifold USA

A double gatefold as shown in the figure below, requires a special folding machine attachment for automatic high-speed production. There is an easy way to do this without the attachment, but it does add a manual labor step to the process.

Gatefold from Accordion Fold
Step 1
: Use your folder to make an 8pp accordion fold with panels ‘A’ on the outside. This fold uses 3 fold plates, usually #1, 2 & 3. Be sure to cut and fold ‘A’ at least 1/32” shorter than the center panels.

Gatefold from Double Parallel Fold
Step 2:
Manually fold the accordion inside out with panels ‘A’ now facing each other on the inside of the fold.

An alternative: Do a double parallel fold (2 folds, first fold in half, then in half again) and then manually refold as a gatefold. While not as fast as the method above, it is probably a bit more accurate.

 A third alternative works well for cover stocks: apply a high-quality crease to the sheet and simply fold the job by hand. This works best on stocks which are about 6 pt. or heavier.

Although you can successfully crease the beefier text stocks in order to eliminate cracking, you might have a hard time folding them entirely by hand. Be sure to experiment before committing to the whole job!

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