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5 Gifts That Keep on Giving

Fri, Dec 12, 2014 Andre Palko

During this time of year there is always a bit of mild craziness hanging in the air. At your print shop there could be year-end deadlines to meet with fewer work days to meet them and perhaps a party to arrange (or attend). At home you’ve got your list of gifts to buy and family functions to arrange and attend. Sometimes the stress leaks out in less than positive ways.

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Folding and Binding Matte Papers without Marking or Scuffing

Fri, Dec 05, 2014 Andre Palko

Have you ever produced a saddle stitched or perfect bound book only to later find a mark hidden somewhere inside? If you’re lucky you find it during the actual folding and binding production and you track down the culprit to eliminate it. Otherwise all you can do is hope the customer doesn’t notice. This type of finishing problem is often associated with matte and dull-coated paper.

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Two Words That Get More Post-Press Work Done

Fri, Nov 21, 2014 Andre Palko

Do you ever wish you could get more done in a day? It’s a suitable topic for the frenetic world of post-press operations, where a multitude of things must be done with never enough time to do it.

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The Big Difficulty in Bindery Troubleshooting

Fri, Nov 14, 2014 Andre Palko

It all started innocently enough. My plan was to do a short video about using alternative folding machine setups to crease and fold paper that is prone to fiber cracking. I had a few problem jobs on hand that I knew would be perfect subjects. It would be fast and simple. Crease and fold a handful of sheets conventionally, using fold plate #1, to illustrate how they cracked. Then run those sheets in fold plate #4 to show how you can eliminate the cracking.

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How to Run Cover Stocks Through Folding Machine Rollers

Fri, Nov 07, 2014 Andre Palko

One of the frequently asked bindery questions we get here is, “Don’t I need a special attachment like a Rotocrease to crease or perforate on my folding machine?” The short, simplified answer is, “No.” Based on the experiences of thousands of our customers, the majority of print finishing departments can successfully crease and fold cover stocks on their floor-model folding machines.

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Micro Perforating Production Tips for Your Folding or Scoring Machine

Fri, Oct 31, 2014 Andre Palko

This week we have a bindery video for you about how to produce some very high quality perforations on your folding or scoring machine. Most experienced bindery operators and supervisors, when they first hear me say this, don’t really believe me. I can see it in their eyes…it’s like they’re indulging the whims of some kind but crazy distant family member.

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Survival Tactics for Bindery Department Managers

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 Andre Palko

Bindery department managers often find themselves caught in a no-man’s land where responsibility is high but authority is low. A heavy workflow with tight deadlines is the norm. But their hands might be tied with regard to authorizing overtime, hiring extra or temporary personnel, outsourcing decisions, or equipment purchases. How are managers to remain effective without giving in to frustration?

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Improve Your Bindery or Printing Skills with this Uncommon Method

Fri, Oct 17, 2014 Andre Palko

Have you ever tried to explain how a folding machine actually folds paper to someone with no knowledge of bindery equipment? Perhaps you’ve tried explaining how a saddle-stitched book is made. It’s one thing to absorb enough knowledge so that we can do our jobs. We know how to learn for ourselves. It’s quite another thing to teach what we’ve learned to someone else.

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Do You Make This Bindery Equipment Buying Mistake?

Fri, Oct 10, 2014 Andre Palko

Have you ever made a purchase and immediately wished you had gone for a bigger or faster version with more features? It’s a universally recurring theme. We just upgraded to a new phone system and within one day we were asking ourselves why we didn’t get or weren’t offered a phone with slightly more capabilities. With bindery equipment purchases, this behavior usually is a result of underestimating either the actual volume of work or the time and effort required to complete it.

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What NOT to Do When Folding 16 Page Signatures

Fri, Sep 19, 2014 Andre Palko

One of the many frequently asked bindery questions I get is, “What kind of score should I use on a 16 page right angle signature?” It’s a popular format which folds once in the main section, once in the 8pp right angle, then once in the final 16pp right angle. (see diagram at right)

My answer, which surprises many, is, “None.” You don’t need a score in there at all. In fact, adding a score to a 16 page signature can make you work harder than you should. I’ll give you the nuts and bolts answer here, and you can see it in more detailed action as we fold a 16 page signature in the video below.

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