Introducing the Tri-Creaser™ from Technifold USA

Tri-Creaser Easy Fit

Turn your folder into a powerful creasing and folding machine
that is GUARANTEED to eliminate fiber cracking
at up to 30,000 products an hour!

Creasing RibsNow you can produce letterpress style creasing on your folding machine and avoid outsourcing forever.

The Tri-Creaser™ EZ-Fit is simple to set and works by loading any one of a choice of three color-coded creasing ribs into the male component and then matching it with the corresponding dot-coded female channel.

The three specially formulated rubber creasing ribs are made with different height profiles to cater for the full range of stocks from 90# text and up.  The creasing ribs dictates the depth of crease and the 8-Channel female component produces the correct width for the chosen stock.

Why choose the Tri-Creaser™ for your creasing?

  • Completely eliminates fiber cracking 100% on stock ranges from 90# text and up
  • Produces a crease that is as good as, or better than a letterpress
  • Produces multiple crease settings for any imaginable print/stock combination, and
    works like magic on difficult toner based digital output 
  • Works just as well when it creases and folds against the grain as it does with it
  • Works as fast as your folding machine can run with no limitations on speed
  • Pays for itself within 1-3 jobs
  • Saves expensive outsourcing costs
  • Saves HOURS and HOURS of time
  • Gets the work to your customer faster

Some of the Tri-Creaser™ EZ-Fit features include...

An easy way to change crease settings

The three flexible color-coded ribs can be easily changed using a threading process as
illustrated below:

Threading the rib into place

Need to save even more time when changing the ribs?  Check out our Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit version!  The Tri-Creaser™ Fast-Fit can be set 4 times faster than our  Tri-Creaser™ EZ-Fit version!


What is our EZ-Fit Version Compatible with?

Fits the following types of folding and scoring machines:
Heidelberg, Stahl, MBO, Horizon, Herzog & Heymann (H&H), GUK (G&K or Vijuk,) MB-Cas, Shoei, GBR, Rollem, Rosback, Baumfolder, Dick Moll, Econocrease, GaVehren Systems, Universal folder/gluers and Kluge folder/gluers

Note: we have the original, hard-working O-ring style Tri-Creasers available to fit Graphic Whizard, Count, Pierce, Morgana, Eurofold. 

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