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Folding Machine Solutions by Technifold USA

INLINE Creasing, Micro-Perforating &
Cutting OR ALL 3 Combined!

Tech-ni-Fold's innovative solutions are not only restricted to creasing.  In fact, our uniquie methods for micro-perforating and cutting are also setting new standards for print fininshing excellence.

We have worked hard to produce exactly what the customer asks for and this can be summed up as follows:

Bindert Equipment Thumbnails

Number 1For Cylinder Quality Creasing... SEE Our Tri-Creaser™ in BOTH EZ-Fit & Fast-Fit Options

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Number 2For Cylinder Quality Micro-Perforating AND Guillotine Style Cutting... SEE Our Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool

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Number 3For ALL of options 1 & 2 Combined (Creasing, Micro-Perforating and Cutting)  SEE Our Micro-Perf, Cut & Crease Combo

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Number 4For Specialty Device that produces close proximity Perforating with Optional Creasing through the center...SEE our CP Applicator

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