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Micro Perforating & Rotary Cutting Solutions from Technifold USA...

Discover the secret to getting more from your bindery equipment than you ever thought possible!

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Bindery Tools for Folding Machines

Looking for a creasing solution for your folding machine?

Do you want to get more production from your current folding machine with less effort? Discover how with these unique creasing, perforating, and cutting tools can produce letterpress style creasing on your current folding machine and avoid outsourcing forever...
Bindery Tools for Scoring Machines

Looking for a creasing solution for your scoring machine?

Do you need to get better results from your current scoring or perforating machine? Add a Technifold Tri-Creaser™ to TOTALLY eliminate fiber cracking 100%!  Or add a Micro-Perforator to perforate paper for use with laser printers, copiers, and digital presses...

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Bindery Success!

With over twenty-five years of bindery and finishing experience, I often found myself looking for a folding machine device that would finally eliminate fiber cracking; without having to resort to cylinder or platen die cutter creasing methods.  As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it".

So, having succeeded in my search, you would think I'd be jumping up and down for joy, right?

But years of hands-on exposure to this problem made me a hardened skeptic and I, too, was a non-believer until I tried this remarkably simple and cost effective device in the real world of commercial printing.

Since then, I have converted literally thousands of other like-minded skeptics.  How you ask??  The answer is astonishingly simple. READ ON to discover more about the Tri-Creaser™ and learn about Technifold USA's unique not seen anywhere in this unforgiving industry.

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Bindery Tools for Saddle Stitching Machines

Looking for more from your saddle stitching machine?

Does your current saddle stitcher have a cover feeder or card feeder?  If so, you can now use it to crease ALL your covers inline!  The Technifold Spine Creaser transforms saddle stitcher cover feeders into powerful cylinder creasing machines...

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Bindery Tools for Perfect Binding Machines

Looking for more from your perfect binding machine?

Do you run a perfect binding line with an automatic cover feeder?  Add a Technifold Spine-Hinge Creaser to TOTALLY eliminate fiber cracking 100%!  These unconventional creasing tools make your book covers perform the way your customers want!
Bindery Tools for Web Press Finishing Machines

Looking for more from your web press finishing machine?

Do you need to improve your web press scoring and folding?  By adding a Technifold Web Creaser to your current web finishing equipment, you can reduce or even eliminate fiber cracking when creasing inline, even on heat-set web jobs!  Find out more about how to get the crease you need for the paper you’re running...

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Looking for letterpress-quality creasing solutions that are faster than hand or foot operated machines?

Our CreaseStream Mini Scoring Machines are perfect Desktop Units for Short-Run, Low Volume Digital Print Shops and Offices...and priced to easily fit within your budget!

These simple machines use Technifold's patented Tri-Creaser™ technology to completely eliminate fiber cracking on all types of digital and offset stocks, regardless of grain direction. The Micro Perforator can be added to any Mini machine to produce high-quality perforated paper that will easily run through laser printers, copiers, and digital presses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] Who uses Technifold products?
Well, most everyone who puts ink and toner on paper or who is involved in print finishing. This includes tens of thousands of commercial and in-plant printing companies, quick copy shops, trade binderies, governmental organizations at the local, state, and federal level, boutique print shops, graphic designers, web printers, colleges, and universities. And since you’re reading this we expect you’ll be joining this select group of Technifold fans too!
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you sell bindery equipment such as saddle stitchers, folding machines, perfect binders, and scoring machines?
As for this type of bindery equipment, it’s our job to enhance those machines with our wide range of creasing, perforating, and cutting devices. So we don’t actually sell saddle stitchers, folding machines, perfect binders or other large bindery and print finishing equipment. We simply show you how to make them far more productive with our unique tools. For those without bindery equipment we offer a scoring and perforating machine equipped with Technifold devices. These are designed for short to medium run digital printing or copy shops.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you sell direct to the end user?
Yes, anywhere in the USA, its territories, or Canada.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I send you a print finishing or bindery job?
No. We are happy to offer production advice and suggestions about what tools you might need for any given print finishing job. But we don’t produce the actual job or offer any kind of print finishing services.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Where can I purchase Technifold products?
There are two easy ways to purchase our products. 1) Click Here to visit the Technifold USA’s always open for your convenience OR 2) Call Gina directly at 973-383-7920.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why is Technifold USA so awesome?
Well, just let our customers tell you why in this Bindery Success™ Stories testimonial book. In addition to world-class print finishing accessories, we offer unbelievable value added services. This includes our unlimited tech support, our Bindery Success™ newsletters, (in print and email) and a level of responsiveness you won’t find from most vendors. And it’s all free. Nor does anyone else beat our unique One Year, 100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee. Lastly, and probably most importantly, we offer a genuine personal touch. Our mission is to make this the best customer experience you will ever have. Once you’ve found us, we will serve you every way we can to get you results and keep you happy.