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With twenty-three years of bindery and finishing experience, Andre Palko (founder of Technifold USA) always found himself looking for a folding machine device that would finally eliminate fiber cracking; without having to resort to cylinder or platen die cutter creasing methods. As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for", because you just might get it.

So, having succeeded in his search, you would think he'd be jumping up and down for joy, right?  But years of hands-on exposure to this problem made him a hardened skeptic and he, too, was a non-believer until he tried this remarkably simple and cost effective device in the real world of commercial printing.

Since then, he has converted literally thousands of other like-minded skeptics. How you ask??  The answer is astonishingly simple. READ ON to discover more about the Tri-Creaser™ and learn about Technifold USA's unique GUARANTEE, one not seen elsewhere in this unforgiving industry.

In Today's Economy You Don't Want to Be the Last Printer
to See the Tri-Creaser™ in Action!

Turn your folding machine into a powerful, integrated folding and creasing machine. Fits more than 70 models including MBO, Heidelberg Stahl, Baumfolder, Horizon, Vijuk (G&K or GUK), MB (GBR), Econocrease, Rotocrease, Pierce, Rollem, Rosback, Morgana, Shoei, H&H, Dick Moll and more!


How to Get Perfect Creasing on your Saddle Stitcher

The Spine-Creaser is a unique, patented system that converts the cover feeder on your stitcher into a powerful cylinder creasing machine. Like the Tri-Creaser™, the Spine-Creaser totally eliminates fiber cracking on a wide range of materials. Never again will you have to use your printing press or die cutter for a straight line scoring job that is going to your saddle stitcher! CLICK HERE to discover the Secret to Perfect Creasing on your Saddle-Stitcher.

Fits Most Popular Saddle Stitchers...
Muller, Heidelberg, Harris, Osaka
and Now Available for McCain

Update Your Bindery Equipment With World Class Creasing,
Micro Perforating and Cutting Solutions for Folders,
Saddle Stitchers, Scoring Machines and Perfect Binders




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