I know that’s a bold statement. Yet we’ve found a way to put $557 in your pocket, reversing the damage that world exchange rate markets have done to Canadian businesses. Allow me to explain.

We get numerous requests for information about the Tri-Creaser to fit your folding or scoring machine but actual purchases have lagged. We soon started to hear from many of these potential customers in Canada that they are being held back by the US-Canadian exchange rate, something that is frustratingly out of anyone’s control. About three years ago the Canadian and US dollar were roughly equal, as you can see in the charts below.

Today is a different story, with 1 Canadian dollar buying only .74 US dollars. The net result is that anything bought in the US is now far more expensive than it was just a couple of years ago. We suspect it’s prevented many Canadian companies from investing in premium print finishing technology like the Technifold Tri-Creaser.  

We’re going to reverse that for you. Literally. Saving you a great deal of money in the process.

I’ll let these two photos do the talking.


Photo 1 shows that thanks to exchange rates, today (11/15/2016) it would cost you $2153.99 Canadian to buy an EZ-Fit Tri-Creaser from us here at Technifold USA at our regular price of $1597.00 US. Ugh! We agree. That’s a bitter pill to swallow. We know that your investment would still pay for itself. But we also know that every dollar counts.


Canada to US Exchange Rate- 11-16 - Google Search - Image 1_Page_1-1.jpg


In Photo 2, we take the hit for you and reverse the exchange rate—you pay only $1597.00 Canadian which translates to $1184.04 US.

As you can see in the charts, it’s been about three years since the exchange rates would have allowed you the opportunity to buy at this price!

If the exchange rate issue has been holding you back, then call Technifold today at 973-383-7920 and mention this special offer.


Canada Image 2_Page_1.jpg


This Special Offer applies to our EZ Fit Tri Creaser in the example above, as well as any of our other award winning Bindery Solutions.

We offer other Tri Creaser Models, Micro Perforating Tools, Multi Tools in various combinations for creasing, perfing, and slitting/cutting, CP Applicators for close proximity creasing and perfing, as well as Spine and Hinge Creasing Tools for various folding and scoring machines. We also have a variety of creasing tools available for various models of Perfect Binders and Saddle Stiching machines as well.

Please explore www.technifoldusa.com for detailed product information or call our Sales Office at 973-383-7920 to disucss any of our products with Gina or Sharon.



There are two very compelling reasons to do this today

1) Exchange rates could fluctuate even more and make this deal impossible. We’ve seen such events happen overnight.

2) This offer expires January 1, 2017. That’s about as far out on a limb as we can go. We can defy world markets for only so long!

Call today to lock in this Exchange Rate Special and you can have any of our amazing tools working for you in just a few short days.



Gina Palko
Technifold USA
973-383-7920 or info@TechnifoldUSA.com


P.S. Don’t forget you are protected by our Unconditional, One-Year 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after using our tools for one full year you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply return the device to us for a full and courteous refund.


Note: Applicable For Canadian Companies Only