Test Your Print Finishing Potential - Answer Page

Here are the Solutions...

The Fourteen Strokes
Start at 1 in the diagram and follow the numbers in order. This will complete the figure in fourteen strokes with the circle counting as one. The space between 1 and 15 is gone over twice and the continuous line crosses itself at several points. From 10 to 11 is the circle stroke. If you found this in fourteen minutes or less, you rate high in the memory department!


The Baskets of Eggs
The basket of 29 eggs is the one the grocer figured on selling, because that left a total of 60 eggs in the other baskets. Two thirds of this remainder (40) must have been hen eggs. The 40 are contained in the baskets marked 23, 12, and 5. If you got this in 11 minutes or less, you rate high in math ability!


Dissecting the Clock Dial
The diagram shows how to divide the clock face into six equal parts, each totaling 13. If you got this in four minutes or less, you've got a great head for figures.


The Vowel Sentence
“I awe you” is the sentence you're looking for. Ten minutes or less means you've got a good head for language.

Breaking Up the Squares
Nine pins must be removed as shown to break up the 30 squares. If you got this in ten minutes or less, you rate high in analytical ability.


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