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For the Love of Printing—a Day in the Life of 2 Industry Champions

You might call this A Tale of Two Pepys, both of whom were involved with printing. The famous Samuel Pepys lived in the 1600’s. The other lived around the early 1900’s. The latter may or may not be real. He could well be an editor or writer for The Printing Trade News using the pseudonym, and writing in the style of Samuel Pepys. Read more

9 Bindery Equipment Shortcuts to Make You a Hero

Want to instantly look like a hero, make life easier at your print finishing job, and boost productivity all at the same time? Then take a minute to review these simple and very effective hands-on tips for bindery equipment operators. Included are suggestions for folding machines, guillotine cutters, scoring machines, and perforating machines. They cover the type of bindery equipment you find in...Read more

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Print Production Planning

With a snowstorm approaching I’m reminded of the thankless job of forecasting and estimating. One local forecaster cheekily said a couple days ago that we could expect between 19 and zero inches of snow. If you think about the extent to which our printing industry is based on estimating, I’d say we do a better job than the weather guessers. But do we? Read more

7 Proven Tips on How to Master Any Print Finishing Equipment

Most of us in the printing industry probably remember our first day on the job. I recall wandering through skids of paper, assaulted by the hectic buzz of large, high-speed multi-color presses. Escorted to my new home at the back of the shop, several pieces of old, ugly bindery equipment lay in monstrous wait for me. I had no clue where paper went in or where it came out. Read more

How to Make Things Happen in the New Year

Every New Year we hear about resolutions made and not kept. A study from the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, quoted on statisticbrain.com reports that 45% of Americans make annual resolutions but only 8% achieve them. I’d wager that those who don’t make resolutions have probably given up because they don’t succeed. So what’s the secret to making your resolutions happen?...Read more

Who Invented the First Folding Machine and Other Bindery Trivia

If you’ve ever closely watched a complex piece of bindery equipment, it probably left you wondering how anyone conceived of such an idea with so many moving parts working in perfect harmony. On the other hand, were they not working so well, it might have left you wondering who to blame for your suffering! Read more

How and Why to Change Gripper Bands on Technifold Bindery Tools

The gripper band we are talking about is incorporated into nearly all Technifold and CreaseStream Mini tools. It’s one of those design elements that may rarely be needed. Yet when the need arises you’ll want to understand how to change or replace it. Read more

Tis the Season for Humidity Problems in Folding Paper, or is It?

The cold dry months of winter always seem to set the stage for an increase in printing and print finishing problems. All the printing paper reps I know brace themselves for an onslaught of complaints. Static, fiber cracking, and coating problems are typical. But is winter really such a dry time? Read more

What Does Bindery Equipment and a Pregnant Cow Have in Common?

There are some experiences you have to live through to understand. Growing up on a farm is one of them. I’m grateful and fortunate that I got to spend the first ten years of my life on a farm. Here are 10 experiences that taught me a lot about bindery work in particular as well as life in general. Read more

5 Ways to Cripple Your Printing Business Growth

Is there such a thing as too much due diligence? Dictionaries define it as “research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.” Some people love the act of researching a purchase. They’ll spend hours investigating a $50 gadget before they commit. On the other end of the spectrum are those who leave with a $50,000 car an hour after walking into the...Read more