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What Does Bindery Equipment and a Pregnant Cow Have in Common?

There are some experiences you have to live through to understand. Growing up on a farm is one of them. I’m grateful and fortunate that I got to spend the first ten years of my life on a farm. Here are 10 experiences that taught me a lot about bindery work in particular as well as life in general. Read more

5 Ways to Cripple Your Printing Business Growth

Is there such a thing as too much due diligence? Dictionaries define it as “research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.” Some people love the act of researching a purchase. They’ll spend hours investigating a $50 gadget before they commit. On the other end of the spectrum are those who leave with a $50,000 car an hour after walking into the...Read more

4 Insidious Ways to Fail as a Print Finishing Professional
A Simple Way to Better Scoring on Baum 714 Folders

The Baumfolder 714 in all its variations is without question one of the most popular folding machines of all time. That’s because it’s simple, reliable, and versatile.  If you own one, I’m sure it does a lot of work for you. Read more

How to Coax More Out of Your Folding Machine

Admit it. On more than one occasion you’ve tried to make equipment in your bindery department do something it isn’t designed to do. Judging from the many questions we get about various creasing, perforating, and cutting jobs, it seems to be a common intention. It often starts when a salesperson or customer comes in with a big job that’s easy to print but complex in the finishing. Read more

How to Get Powerful Ideas to Solve Your Print Finishing Problems

When you hear about creativity in the printing industry, what do you think about? Maybe designers, ad agencies, graphic artists, or similar creative types come to mind. The fact is that creativity is important in all jobs from design through to print finishing and mailing. Whenever you try to solve a problem you are turning to a new idea. That too, is a form of creativity. Read more

7 Helpful Print Finishing Websites Guaranteed to Inspire

One of the great ways to add value to any given print job is to do more with it after it’s printed. Another way is to produce it more efficiently. Here are seven in-depth resources to help you do some of each. Read more

Right Angle Folding Section Troubleshooting Tips

Of the 847 things that can go wrong when operating your folding machine, here’s another one you might not have thought about. It may never come to your attention until you run into mysterious problems with sheets misbehaving in the right angle folding sections. Read more

5 Interesting Things We Heard at Graph Expo

We get the sense from Graph Expo attendees and exhibitors that the show is almost like a New Year’s celebration, except we don’t get any days off. It’s a milestone that marks the end of one year and fills us with hope for things to come in the new one. Just like a party, we are privileged to engage in some interesting conversations. Here, in brief, are just a few of the people, places, and things...Read more

How to Prevent Paper Creasing or Wrinkling on Folding Machines

You might not realize it but there are two completely different meanings to the word “creasing” as it relates to bindery work. The definition we most often use here relates to the creasing tools we sell such as the Tri-Creaser®.  We talk about what that definition and why it’s desirable in more detail here . Various dictionaries refer to the other usage as “a line or mark made by pressing or...Read more