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Does Your Printing Industry Experience Really Make a Difference?

“I’ve been doing it this way for thirty years.” That old-timer phrase, or some variation of it, always provokes a strong reaction in me. I heard it again recently while involved in a bindery equipment troubleshooting call. My immediate thought is almost always, “OK, brace yourself.” (I don’t think I ever said it aloud!) But as I age, or maybe I should say “as I add to my own 35 years of...Read more

Use Your Saddle Stitcher Cover Feeder as a Folding Machine

It may sound like a crazy idea, but to veteran saddle stitcher operators it’s nothing new. They already know their saddle stitcher cover feeder is a good alternative to the folding machine for certain types of jobs. Here are three ways you might not have thought about, especially if you’re still learning your way around saddle stitching...Read more

Better Feeding on Tabletop Scoring, Perforating or Folding Machines

This week we have another simple thing to check to get better results fast on tabletop folding machines or on small rotary scoring or perforating machines. As with last week’s bindery video, I’m referring to the type of scoring or folding machines that don’t have a register table. Last week we talked about how improperly trimmed or seriously curled paper will hurt the quality of the finished...Read more

Get Better Register on Your Folding, Scoring or Perforating Machine

Bindery equipment operators, especially newcomers, sometimes mistakenly blame the machine for a problem. Yet there is one important but frequently overlooked item which, when handled correctly, will fix a variety of common ‘problems’ with direct-feed scoring, folding and perforating...Read more

Troubleshoot Bindery Equipment Problems with ‘Slow Motion’ Techniques

Here’s a simple bindery equipment troubleshooting video tip for both experienced and novice operators alike. Despite all my years running a variety of equipment, I used it just last week to overcome a problem on a Baum...Read more

Is That Old Bindery Equipment Really Dead?

Quite a few people have expressed surprise that we write about bindery and printing issues that don’t directly relate to the products we sell. For instance why would I write about guillotine cutters when our products fit folding and scoring machines, saddle stitchers, perfect binders and web presses? The question is a reflection of the tendency in printing to isolate ourselves...Read more

Folding Cover Stock 2-Up on a Buckle Folding Machine - 5 Factors

We are regularly asked if it’s possible to crease and fold cover stocks two-up on a buckle folding machine. The short answer is, “Yes, it's possible and in fact it’s done all the time.” The more detailed answer is, “Yes, but there are a few things to consider.” Since we are all in the business of getting more productivity from the bindery equipment we have to work with, it is well worth taking a...Read more

Top Ten Bindery Success Blog Articles from 2014

Oh no, not another year-end Top Ten list! I bet you look at it anyway. Based on the number of views, the fact is that these are a reflection of some of the more common every-day problems faced by various bindery equipment operators. These new articles from 2014 illustrate some effective solutions to these problems. So if you missed any of these bindery tips, check them out and share them with...Read more

Avoiding Rookie Finishing Mistakes in Your In-Plant Printing Operation

The first inkjet printer I purchased was a promising marvel of technology. In the first months of running a startup business, I was thrilled that I could now print a few full color letters or brochures in my own office. Then as I began running various designs, different types of paper and envelopes, along with attempts at mail merges, the luster of the new technology quickly turned into...Read more

5 Gifts That Keep on Giving

During this time of year there is always a bit of mild craziness hanging in the air. At your print shop there could be year-end deadlines to meet with fewer work days to meet them and perhaps a party to arrange (or attend). At home you’ve got your list of gifts to buy and family functions to arrange and attend. Sometimes the stress leaks out in less than positive...Read more