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Improve Your Bindery or Printing Skills with this Uncommon Method

Have you ever tried to explain how a folding machine actually folds paper to someone with no knowledge of bindery equipment? Perhaps you’ve tried explaining how a saddle-stitched book is made. It’s one thing to absorb enough knowledge so that we can do our jobs. We know how to learn for ourselves. It’s quite another thing to teach what we’ve learned to someone...Read more

Do You Make This Bindery Equipment Buying Mistake?

Have you ever made a purchase and immediately wished you had gone for a bigger or faster version with more features? It’s a universally recurring theme. We just upgraded to a new phone system and within one day we were asking ourselves why we didn’t get or weren’t offered a phone with slightly more capabilities. With bindery equipment purchases, this behavior usually is a result of...Read more

What NOT to Do When Folding 16 Page Signatures

One of the many frequently asked bindery questions I get is, “What kind of score should I use on a 16 page right angle signature?” It’s a popular format which folds once in the main section, once in the 8pp right angle, then once in the final 16pp right angle. (see diagram at right) My answer, which surprises many, is, “None.” You don’t need a score in there at all. In fact, adding a score to a...Read more

Turn Unprofitable Bindery Work Into Profit-Making Winners

One of the best and most expensive lessons I ever learned was taught to me by an unprofitable saddle stitching job. I was reminded of it, and of the unchanging nature of humans, as I read a short article in a printing trade publication. It was written exactly one hundred years ago in 1914 yet it’s still timely. First the article, and then the story of a good idea gone...Read more

Bindery Equipment Troubleshooting – Using Mind Games to Succeed

A Bindery Success™ reader recently sent us a story that illustrates the sometimes amusing difficulties of troubleshooting bindery work. In this case they were saddle-stitching a book with a reply envelope inserted between the pages. Stitcher operators know it’s a bit of a tricky job. It’s a delicate operation getting the envelopes to feed accurately, to remain in position, and to remain in the...Read more

Is Your Folding Machine Lying to You?

Fold plate indicators don’t always tell us the truth. Set one at any given length and then fold a sheet. You might get the dimension you want on the first sheet if you’re experienced on that folder. More likely you’ll have to adjust it once or...Read more

Wars, Weddings, Funerals, and the Rise of Printing

In recent years digital printing has spread out into the world, with many small businesses taking on the role of mini in-plant printer. Designers, wedding invitation specialists, funeral homes, boutique printers, promotional item manufacturers, and realtors are just a few types of companies who have added printing to their...Read more

How to Run Scores Close Together on Your Folding Machine

One frequently asked bindery question we get is “How can I produce multiple scores, very close together, on my folding machine?” These scores might be for a few different purposes such as perfect bound book covers, product cases and wraps, tray inserts, table tents, raffle ticket booklets, or other specialty folded...Read more

How to Prevent Curled Cover Stocks on the Folding Machine

When you run cover stocks on a buckle folding machine, you can end up with a curl that affects how well the job will run. Naturally, to get maximum benefit from your folder you want the ability to run as big a range of cover stocks and card stock as...Read more

How to Get Better Register on Your Multibinder Collator and Stitcher

A recent email caused a bindery flashback, uh…I mean memory…about a piece of bindery equipment that I hadn’t thought about for years. Perhaps it was the stress of running that machine more so than the passage of time that banished the experience to the far corners of my...Read more