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How to Stop Losing Customers in Your Printing Business

There are some surprising reasons a commercial printing business (or any small business) might lose a client. If you’ve been around the printing industry for any time, you know all about the common yet fatal customer service problems such as missed deadlines, printing errors, or finishing mistakes. However, recent research from Pitney Bowes details some reasons that might sneak up on you. Aside...Read more

May the 'Printing is Dead' Debate Rest in Peace
7 Uncommon Print Finishing and Bindery Resources

Here are seven sites to help you discover things about print finishing you might not have thought you needed to know. They range from the unusual to the scholarly and a few places in between! Read more

How to Get More from Your Small Folding Machine

The type of folding machine we’re talking about is seen in thousands of small quick printing shops and digital printing departments around the world. It has two fold plates along with either a friction or air feeder. Some of the more popular ones include Baum 714, Morgana UFO, MB CAS, Challenge Medalist, Martin Yale and many more. They handle the most common types of folds such as letter fold,...Read more

How to Make Shrewd Print Finishing Production Decisions

One of the beneficial things about an abundance of print finishing technology is that we get more flexibility in how, when, and where to finish any given job. Yet that same flexibility makes production planning more complex. Read more

How to Make More Money with your Graphic Whizard Scoring Machine

There is something about bindery equipment that is endlessly fascinating to anyone with an “erector set” brain. The mix of mechanical and electronic cleverness always leaves me asking, “OK, what else can we do with this piece of print finishing equipment?” Read more

Can Old Bindery Equipment Be More Efficient Than New?

Before you dismiss your “old” bindery equipment as inadequate, consider some of the ways in which it can outperform new automated equipment. Believe it or not, old equipment occasionally has surprising advantages over new with efficiency, capabilities, and cost. Read more

Test Your Print Finishing Potential with These Fascinating Problems

Print finishing and bindery work requires some ability in math, analysis, memory, imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking. A little competitive spirit helps as well! Summertime is also a fun time so in that spirit, here are some fun puzzles that will certainly test the abilities that form the foundation of your print finishing abilities. If you're good at solving them, give it to a co-worker and...Read more

18 Reasons Why Folding Machines Jam and How to Prevent It

How many things can cause paper jams on your folding machine? We can probably come up with dozens of variables. Usually it’s caused by something minor and there are many parts on the folder that need to be in just the right position to keep the folder operating smoothly. Those little things become hugely important. Read more

Tips for Slitting on Tabletop Folding Machines

Tabletop folding machines are typically used for simple folding jobs yet most of them have trimming tools available. You can use these to trim a job after it’s folded or to trim flat, unfolded sheets. If you don’t do a lot of trimming on your small folder, here are a few things to look out for to avoid problems and ensure good results. Read more