Technifold Video Contest Guidelines

Guidelines for Video Submissions

  1. Videos should be less than 5 minutes long
  2. Multiple submissions are OK, but each submission should demonstrate a different job or product testimonial
  3. We prefer common video formats: .wmv, .mov, .avi, .mp4. If you're not sure, just send us what you've got and we'll figure it out.
  4. Don't worry about quality or editing; we'll take care of that. We're just looking for raw content.

Specifics are important. Each entry should include details relevant to the job shown in clip or the job the testimonial pertains to. Details can be narrated on the video or written separately. For instance:
•    Trim size of sheet as loaded on machine
•    Number up on the sheet
•    Type of paper stock
•    Trim, if any, being taken
•    Approximate production speed
•    How you benefited from running it this way

 For example: 17.25 x 11” flat sheet, 2-up 8.5 x 11, 100# C2S cover, 2 creases applied, then letter fold and ¼” trim taken. Benefit: We used to run this job 1-up at 20,000/hour. Running it 2-up nets us 35,000/hour.

Some Basic Tips for Shooting Better Video
•    Use a tripod or something to steady the camera
•    Avoid using zoom. Instead, take separate shots from various angles and distances with the camera remaining still. If you do use zoom, do so sparingly and take it slow.
•    Avoid panning (side to side or up and down.) As with zoom, various still shots work better!
•    Take a few seconds to frame each shot as you would a still photo.
•    Make sure you have decent lighting and avoid backlighting.

How to Submit Videos
Email to
For files larger than about 7 mb use or email me and we’ll send you alternate instructions.


Mail CD or DVD to:
Andre Palko
Technifold USA
4 Wisteria Rd
Lafayette, NJ 07848

Legal Stuff
All videos become property of Technifold USA for use in marketing and training. Technifold USA reserves the right to edit all videos but will preserve the integrity and intent of each submission, nor will we edit in any way that portrays you or your company in a negative fashion.

You'll need to sign a release for any videos that we decide to use.

We can use the videos anonymously or we can give attribution to you and/or your's up to you.