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image_bindery_equip_main_web_creaser.jpgThe Web Creaser is the perfect creasing solution for high-speed, inline web press finishing operations. Get professional, die-quality results without having to do a separate operation.

There's no longer any reason to settle for less that professional results in your web press finishing.

If you produce perfect bound book covers on your web press, now you can crease those too, inline, with the Web Spine-Hinge Creaser.

Instruction Manuals and Tip Sheets - Technifold Web Creaser

Overview of the Technifold Web Creaser
A brief overview about how you can get high quality creasing inline on your web press finishing line.

Instructions - Web Creaser
Basic instruction guide for the Web Creaser in a typical installation.

Instructions - Web Spine-Hinge Creaser
The Web Spine-Hinge Creaser produces four creases simultaneously. This is used primarily for delivering perfect bound book covers, already creased, from your web press.

Basic Product FAQ's - Technifold Web Creaser

What weights of paper can I crease with the Web Creaser?
The Web Creaser handles paper from about 4-5pt up through 15-16 pt. Paper, inks, coatings, and moisture vary considerably so your actual useful range may vary too. There are 6 female channels and 3 different profiles of creasing ribs with the Web Creaser. This lets you change the crease to suit the job.

Can I install the Web Creaser on any web press?
The Web Creaser can be adapted to almost any web press finishing machinery. If you already have creasing, cutting, or perforating tools installed on your press, you can probably add the Web Creaser in that section. Download the Web Creaser Instructions above for a diagram and measurements of a typical installation.

If you don’t currently have scoring or other tools installed, adding the Web Creaser is usually a simple process for your engineers and mechanics. If you need assistance with fabrication, we have technical help available through a partner web press specialist.

If the Web Creaser is too large for your equipment, give us a call at 973-383-7920. We have hundreds of other tools with various dimensions that can be adapted to almost any machine.

Do you supply the holders for the Web Creaser?
Yes, we can supply the holders if you need them. Our holder attaches to a 2” support bar. There is a 20mm stud on the holder to which the Web Creaser itself is attached. See the diagram in the Web Creaser Instructions above for more detail.

How do the holders engage and disengage the Web Creaser?
The holders have a pneumatic actuator. Typically these are tied into the presses air system so that the operator can control the on/off action as needed.

When running cover stocks, you can easily engage and disengage the Web Creaser at make-ready speeds. Light-weight papers (less than 6 pt. or so) may require a little more finesse than cover stocks when engaging in order to avoid tearing.

Does air pressure need to be regulated with your holders?
Yes. Generally it takes around 20psi to activate (engage) a holder into the “on” position. However this will vary depending on the paper density and number of holders. The pressure needed has been known to be as high as 110psi, but that’s extreme.

Do I need a separate regulator for each holder?
No. One regulator of the correct size is sufficient. It’s important to select the appropriate size for your application. Your supplier can help you do the math to determine the correct regulator.

How do I adjust the depth of the crease?
Our holders have an adjustment that determines the exact “on” position of each component of the Web Creaser. When in the “on” position, the component will stop at a certain point. This can be adjusted higher or lower as needed to give you the correct depth of crease.

Can I crease from either side of the web?
Yes. Each Web Creaser component is identical unit and can be used as either a male or female. Simply install the creasing rib on whichever side of the web you desire. The “correct” way to crease is to place the rib so you are creasing into the outside of the folded piece.

Troubleshooting Questions - Technifold Web Creaser

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