Basic Product Questions and Answers: Technifold Multi Tool

What's the maximum thickness of stock that can be cut with the Multi Tool?
Maximum thickness of the folded piece for trimming is approximately .040-.045".
Beyond that and you begin to get fuzzy edges on the upper sheets due to the bevel of the cutting blade. Your max. thickness may vary slightly depending on the paper.

Does it matter how many folds I have in the piece I am cutting?
No, as long as the total thickness of sheets is less than the maximum thickness. Cutting knives should be kept sharp.

What's the life expectancy on the cutting knives and counter knives?
Typically the Technifold knives will last at least 5 times as long as your conventional knives.

Can I sharpen the cutting knives?
Yes. The upper cutting knife can be sharpened about 3-5 times before needing replacement.The lower counter knife can be sharpened even more.

Where can I get the cutting knives sharpened?
Your local guillotine knife grinder should be able to handle this sharpening task, or refer you to a local shop with that capability. Knife angles for sharpening are included with the Multi Tool instructions.

What's the minimum trim size on a double cut?
Minimum is .125" (1/8")

What's the maximum trim size on a double cut?
Maximum trim size is 1.125"

Can I run your Multi Tool with the OEM cutting tools I have on my folder now?
Possibly but you will have to test it to see if it works. Differences in knife and tool diameters, if any, will cause one side of the sheet to travel faster than the other. This results in skewed cutting. The best practice with cutting tools is to avoid mixing and matching.

One very important note: you can NOT run Technifold cutting knives with other OEM knives. Doing so will instantly dull our cutting knives and possibly damage them beyond repair.

Can I perf and cut at the same time?
Yes, on the newer, current version of the Multi Tool Cut-Perf with the side-mounting nylon anvil, you can cut and perf simultaneously. This application is often used in CD tray liners and similar work. The original Multi Tool design does not allow for simultaneous cutting and perforating on the same tool.

What perf blades are available for the Multi Tool?
If you purchase a Multi Tool with perforating capability, the standard package is equipped with 3 perf blades: 1 ea. 17, 25 and 52tpi blades. (The Multi Tool cut-only package doesn't have perf capability, but it can be added.) Optional blades available including 10, 12 40 and 72tpi. Not all optional blades are available for all versions. Check our Parts Catalog to see what's available ( or email us using the Contact Us form.

Do I need to use an upper waste deflector when trimming with the Multi Tool?
In many cases you will not need an upper waste deflector, due to the design of our counter knives. If the waste is not dropping to the floor and is going onto the delivery or in the machine, then yes you will need to use an upper deflector.

The upper deflector is not supplied by us so you'll need to use the appropriate one from your folder manufacturer or folding machine parts supplier. There are edge trim and center trim deflectors available in a variety of configurations, depending on the type job being run.

Note: we supply the LOWER deflector to prevent waste from wrapping around the slitter shafts. Your kit comes with a 5mm wide deflector (waste stripper) and we also have a 3mm and 4mm available.

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers: Technifold Multi Tool

I'm having difficulty getting a straight edge trim. What can I do to fix that?
Step One: be sure to try the edge trim setup as shown in the instructions. (Click Here to download the Multi Tool instruction guide in pdf format.) It's different from conventional setups for edge trimming. If you or your folder operator set it up the way you're accustomed to setting an edge trim job, you probably won't get the results you expect.

Step Two: check out the two blog posts below, which deal with this subject. They can also help you with edge trimming on conventional OEM tools.

Edge Trimming on the Folding Machine - Tips and Techniques Part 1

Edge Trimming on the Folding Machine - Tips and Techniques Part 2

I'm having difficulty getting it to slit or perf straight. How can I improve registration?
Here are some tips from the Micro Perf FAQ's that will apply in this situation.
Click Here for details.

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