Would you like to save thousands of dollars
in machine downtime, avoid those dreaded last-minute panic orders, (and never again worry what your folder operators are doing)?

If you’re thinking “yes” to any of these, then take a few seconds to discover how our New Auto-Ship Program gives you that peace of mind.  Plus you get Free Shipping for one full year on all Auto-Ship items and a $5 Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card.

"What Do You Mean You Ran Out of Supplies?!?"

Ever get that sinking, are-you-kidding-me feeling? You’ve invested in great equipment from Technifold and as you walk past the folding machines running your big job, you see the Tri-Creasers sitting on the shelf. Or the folder is stopped as an operator is scrounging for creasing ribs in the garbage can. (Anyone who has worked in bindery has scrounged in a garbage can for something important—I’ve done it, your staff does it, even if they tell you they don’t!)

Or maybe they’re perfing a job on press that should be on the folder because the nylon perf anvil is several million sheets overdue for replacement. Or you get a Saturday morning phone call from the folder crew (on overtime) saying they can’t run the job because they don’t have any more inserts.

Of course the excuse list is imaginative and lengthy, but the bottom line is that someone forgot to order a regular consumable item that you need to keep running. It could be creasing ribs, O-ring inserts, a micro-perf anvil, perf blades or cutting knives.

As you well know, the devil’s in the details—a minor administrative task such as ordering a $25 piece can shut down a $100,000 job.

Who Needs This Program?

Whether you are an operator, supervisor, manager or owner this has probably hit you—I’d venture to say at the worst possible time—and it’s completely avoidable.  That’s because we’re going to take that task off your plate with our Auto-Ship Program.  

  • It’s completely Free
  • It cuts your shipping costs on consumable orders to $0 for one full year
  • We’ll even give you a $5 Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card to have a cup of coffee on us while you enroll!

You select an Auto-Ship option based on your usage. Whether you order twice a year, or every few weeks, there’s a time-frame that suits your production and ensures you don’t run into this problem again.

How it Works

Select Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual Auto-Ship enrollment

  1. Let us know what items you need shipped and how many of each. If you’re not sure, we’ll look at your order history for you and make a suggestion based on your average usage—remember, you can change quantities at any time!
  2. Supply us with a credit card if one’s not on file. It’s all done on secure, PCI compliant servers that completely protects your credit card details.
  3. We do the rest! Your custom order ships as selected and bills automatically. You get tracking info and the invoice via email.

7 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Today 

  • You won’t be caught short and you avoid expensive machine downtime and production stoppages
  • You get Free shipping for one year on all Auto-Ship items
  • You maintain quality and avoid a ‘scrounge-the-wastebasket’ mentality
  • You’ll stop spending money on FedEx overnight shipments for those ‘routine’ orders
  • You can cancel or revise your order at any time, at your convenience, with an email or phone call 24 hours a day
  • You and your staff have one less petty task to handle—it’s all done automatically
  • You get exactly what you need, ahead of time

    And oh yes, you get the Free $5 gift card as a little friendly bonus for taking time to enroll NOW!

How Do I Enroll?

There are 2 easy ways to sign up:

One: Fill in the Auto Ship Request form in the upper right. (For security reasons, please don’t email credit card info!) We’ll look at your request and respond within 1-2 business days.

Two: Call 973-383-7920 M-F 10-4 eastern.