The Speedcreaser™ from Technifold

Speedcreaser by Technifold

The first and only bench top, hand-fed rotary creasing machine to give a letterpress quality crease...

EZ-Fit Tri-CreaserIf you send jobs out for scoring or micro-perforating, or do them on press, or even if you have a letterpress or die cutter in your shop, now there is a faster way to deliver them, without the need for skilled help.  The Speedcreaser™ puts industrial-strength letterpress quality at your fingertips in a small, tabletop format.

The Speedcreaser™ puts industrial strength letterpress quality at your fingertips in a small table-top format! 

Currently available in manual feed version only. Produces 3,000-5,000 sheets per hour.
  • Totally eliminate fiber cracking, even on digital stocks, regardless of grain direction
  • Choose from any one of 8 crease styles to suit every range of stock,not restricted
    to wide setting
  • Produce simultaneous multiple crease, micro-perf and cutting without affecting speed
  • Apply crease of micro-perfs to either side of sheet, or both at the same time
  • Produce flat, nearly invisible micro perforations that let sheets run through any
    laser printer or copier
  • Crease paper from 90# text up through 16 pt. - even works on many
    60-70# text digital stocks!
  • Finish short-run jobs in minutes
  • Eliminate scoring and perforating outsourcing
  • Run in line with folding or finishing equipment


Special features & benefits of the Speedcreaser™:

  • Heavy duty 36mm shafts with precise micro adjustments for any stock thickness
  • Double side-lays on the in-feed for precise sheet guidance.
    Includes both micro-skew, square-screw adjustments (to instantly move the sheet one way or the other) and micro side-lay adjustment (precisely moves the sheet from side to side for fine-tuning position)
  • Handles sheets up to 19 inches (48cm) wide
  • Uses proven, tested and reliable Tri-Creaser™ EZ-Fit technology for perfect creasing
  • 3 creasing rib profiles and 8 female channels deliver the ultimate in creasing flexibility.  You're not stuck with a big, oversized crease on a light-weight stock.  Get the right width/depth combination for the stock you're running
  • You can add up to 8 creasing or micro perforating tools to get multiple crease/perf production in a single pass.  This means you get unbeatable speed compared to knife/matrix machines.  Plus a variety of specialty tools available, including one for perfect bound book covers

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